As a service to the residents of Old Bridge, the Old Bridge Public Library loans area museum passes in order to encourage learning and promote cultural and educational activities.  Loans of passes shall be consistent with the following regulations:

How is a pass reserved?

Make a reservation in person at the Circulation Desk at the central Library or by telephone at 732-721-5600, extension 5010. You may also make an online reservation yourself at a specific museum or for a specific date through our website at:

Is there a charge to reserve a pass? What is the late fee or replacement fee?

There is no charge to reserve a museum pass. However, only two (2) museum passes per library account may be checked out at a time.

If a pass is not returned on time, a fine of five dollars ($5.00) per day will be charged per pass, up to a maximum of the replacement cost of the pass.

If a pass is lost, the borrower will be charged the replacement cost which may be up to five hundred dollars ($500.00).

Who can reserve a pass?

You must have a current Old Bridge Library adult card in good standing to place a reservation. Fines and fees must be paid in full for an account to be in good standing.

A pass cannot be reserved with a child’s or teen’s card. Fines & fees of $10.00 or more on an account will block a reservation. 

How many people per pass are admitted to a museum?

It depends on the pass. Each museum has its own admission rules. Check our website or with the library for more information.

What is “Day of Use?”

“Day of Use” is the date on which you plan on visiting the museum. The pass can be picked up the day prior to the Day of Use and MUST be returned by 10 a.m. following the Day of Use. Self-printed passes do not need to be returned.  Library issued passes must be returned.

Can I cancel my reservation? What are No Shows?

Reservations can be cancelled. Please let the Library know that you want to cancel no later than the day before Day of Use since others may want to use the museum pass for that day.

You can also view and cancel reservations online.

If you do not pick up your pass by 9:00am on the Day of Use, it will constitute a No Show. Two No Shows in a 60-day period will result in a 3-month block on your museum pass reservations.

Where do I pick up my pass?

The pass must be picked up at the Circulation Desk of the Old Bridge Public Library central branch.  A $5 penalty will be assessed if the pass is returned late.

Do I need my library card to pick up the pass?

Yes, you must present the library card used when reserving the pass.

Where do I return my pass? Are passes renewable?

The pass must be returned to the Circulation Desk or in the book drop on the Day of Use, before the library opens. If the library is closed, the pass must be returned by the library’s opening on the next day we are open.  A fee of five dollars ($5.00) per pass per day will be assessed if a pass is not returned on time.

Unfortunately, museum passes are not renewable.

Are there any other important details I need to know before I visit any museum?

The user is responsible for any fees or charges not included with the pass (such as parking, surcharges for special exhibit admission, etc.). Remember to check the museum’s website for information about current exhibits and special programs.

Always confirm operating hours before visiting, as these are subject to change, and always confirm with a museum regarding reciprocal memberships before visiting, as possible restrictions or policies may apply or change without notice.



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